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At a time when it becomes particularly difficult and seems to be no way out at all, suddenly appears the super hero who solves all the problems and take control of the situation . In our case, this character - a super cow . Are you surprised ? But , let's start at the beginning. Sun Valley in mortal danger! All its inhabitants are frightened , and all because of what escaped from prison known for its insidious Professor duriarti . He was sentenced for life for his crimes , which he had a full set : bank robberies , experiments on animals , contrary to all ethical standards. This is difficult to catch the culprit , but he , being at liberty immediately set up a laboratory , where he was to give birth to the mutant animals with aggressive tendencies. According to the once peaceful valley spread poisonous wasp , saber-toothed snail , mad dogs , crows and other predatory dirty dog ​​. The professor did not stop there , rasbrosal strange seeds and peaceful beautiful glades grown carnivorous plants . Who will save the Solar Valley ? Where is he , the fearless hero ? Yes, that's it - the super cow ! Why cow, well, it's the developers of the game super cow to ask. Although it is likely the calculation was just an unexpected choice. Who could imagine a cow in the role of a hero ? Well, grazing peacefully in a meadow itself horned animal with a large udder , lazily chewing grass and waves away the flies tail, along comes some wise guy brash , picks up all her friends hostage and makes them monsters. This will bring anyone mad. As a peace-loving cow woke ancient hunter instinct , and she decided to catch and punish the vile duriarti , and on the way to his lair would deal with his army of evil mutants. The principle of the game is the same as that of Mario: run, jump , collect coins , gems , destroy enemies. Features super cow games online perfectly drawn graphics . All events take place on a lush background of Sun Valley . All the characters are funny, the dialogue did not bother . Cow, despite its apparent clumsiness, deftly handles the role of a super hero. She jumps high , fast moves , shoots milk , fights , and if you want to hoof it in the only help . Where did the cow's indifference and acquiescence ? Starting to play the game super cow , you will not get bored , only one kind of super hero cause you smile, and adventure will distract you for a long time it everyday routine. On our site you will be able to play super cow to play online for free and in other games where the character is a cow .

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Flash games online Super Cow

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